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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gravity Tunnel
Long time.
I just enjoy making these composite images. I said it before they are exxageration of whatever is going on in my life.
I basically got the idea for this image from my niece, when she was talking about flying with an umbrella.
I went for the flying umbrella then realised that I wanted something more complex while keeping the idea of flying or floating.
I spent 3 weeks on this image; literally. I was adding something to it every other day.

This has probably been my most challenging image to date. Indeed, I always try to make the images look real by painting shadows on the ground, creating contact points with the background and all; but for this image, there is no contact point since everything is supposed to be floating in that tunnel.
The contact points had to be the walls (walls that they are not even touching-get it?-)/ That's why I had to paint some types of shadows on these walls.

The process of making something fake look real and cartoonish is really ambiguous. And I'm always trying to tell a story with these images.

Anyway I think I wrote too much here today, just enjoy the image.
I might post a video on how I made this. Just like I did here.
Got the background from devian art. I'll link it as soon as I find it.

Thanks to my models dayly peace and Lauryn...The best models in the world.
Wouldn't it  be awesome if we had those gravity tunnels somewhere?


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