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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


It's been a wonderful journey.
To be honest,I got into photography because I simply wanted to know how a camera
This amazing process on pressing the shutter and immediately recording, an image, a piece of tme, a piece of life is one of the most amazing thing man ever created.

Of course when I bought my first camera, I wanted to do everything, I shot some macro, landscapes, portraits, still life, babies... well I tested everything. I shot events, seminars, wedding, concert everything you can imagine.

Yeah I was making money with these events, then I slowly realised that those events didn't move me emotionally, deep inside I didn't want it, but I was doing it...

All this time, I was going with that HnRM (those are my initials by the way) watermark, which was kinda like my photography name.
I was hiding under this "name" trying to take photos to please people, showing them I was the man.
I 'm not gonna lie, it was good for a minute. I remember feeling really proud and cocky in some ways when so called "professional" photographers were asking me what camera I was shooting with because they were blown away by the images I was creating. Proud because I was the new kid on the block with his small mirrorless sony camera.

I shoot thousands of pictures, then I began naming a few of them, the few that had life, the few that had soul. At that point I realised those few photos were the one that I really cared for, the one that moved me. Whenever I got praises for those images (mostly on social medias) from those that i consider great photographers, I felt good! There are some things money can't's one of those.

I stopped shooting events. And I feel free. There is so many great things to shoot out there so many ideas to convert into photos, so much art.

I shoot for myself now, the name will change, the watermark too, I'll go for something more intimate, more personal. 

Today, I know how a camera works, literally;
Trust me, when you know how those beautiful devices work, how a button press becomes an image that goes straight to your film or memory card, you become a better photographer! Nobody ever taught me that, I learned this Sh*t by myself , and that's my biggest accomplishment.

I shoot for myself, for my soul, with that in mind the result can only be great.
I shoot for myself,
I make art.


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