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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The unique brownish furniture store

This is probably one of my favourite photo.
It looks different compared to what I usually shoot; and it almost looks like those guys posed for the picture.

The true story is that they didnt even know I was taking photos. That's what makes this photo so special to me.

So I was at this art exhibition, you know those types of fairs where these craftsmen sell their work. It was indoor (low light conditions, I had to raised the ISO 1600 I think). So I'm walking around with my other half/manager/assistant/best friend/...Dayly peace and I happen to see this beautiful furniture store. That girl in the back is texting, those 2 men up front are focused, one on his tablet, the other on a paper is reading, that scene was magical, I took the shoot. Next second I show it to Dayly peace, who tells me "It could have been nice, but it's blurry" yeah yeah yeah ,

Indeed it was blurry. I realise that when I zoomed on it.The blurry shot was mainly due to me shaking just a little while pressing the shutter.

I swallowed my pride (lol), point the camera at them, hold it steady this time, and notice that the girl is stretching herself out, now she's in this awesome position (no pun intended) that looks like she's posing for the photo. I shot it.
Now you get this gorgeous looking store, with each individual focused on whatever he/she is doing, among all types of beautiful objects and furniture.

If you look closely you can see the tag "Vendu" (Sold) on some of the items.

Got back home, put it in lightroom and applied one of my own made presets. It was perfect for this shot.
I love that overall brownish color of it.


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