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Friday, June 27, 2014

Whew, yeah, it's been a long time.
So long, because of a whole bunch of stuffs. there was end of semester exams, paperwork all that. But I also got G.A.S (Gear Acquistion Syndrome) during that time. If you a enthusiast photographer, or a photographer period, you know what Im talking about.
I still cherish my beloved NEX F3, but it's time to upgrade. It'll either be the A7, or the OMD EM1.
During that hiatus, I still had a close relationship with my camera: did a couple events (events that I no longer want to do-there will be a post on that-) , took some shots here and there, learned some new tricks and all that. I even sharpened my photoshop skills trying to do composite and all that.
Speaking of composite, I made this image a couple weeks ago, as you know already the model is my beloved half, the woman who share my heart (daylypeace). Got the background from devianart(I'll credit the author), and shot Daylypeace in my bedroom. the image (especially the background) remind me somewhat of a bridge that I saw in a movie about Fidel Castro, somewhere in the cuban forest, Hence the title. Anyway, I'm always going for that cartoonish look when I make composite image.
On the bridge before we met Castro

This is the first of many composite images from me.
You can find Daylypeace here. On her blog, which is french and english, it's acually a very personal blog where she writes about whatever coming to her mind.
Can't wait to get my new camera. hehe


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