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Monday, March 17, 2014

First of all, This is NOT a hands on review...
What you're about to read is just my thoughts. Kinda like my impressions.
How many times have we seen  new phones get presented, and thoughts or opinions come to our mind about the products that we haven't even touched yet???
This is basically what I'm about to do with the Olympus OMD EM1...
Ive seen videos of it, read reviews, I'll try to forget all that though...
This is me brainstorming about the camera, looking at pictures, specs, charateristics...
No paragraphs here just bulletpoints.

  • The design is gorgeous. It's sexy. I mean, the camera has that retro look but looks futuristique at the same time.
  • This is that camera that your friends will be scared to hold. And it looks solid
  • The EM1 looks like The Terminator and Cinderella sat down together to design this toy. I know that sounds silly, but that's how I see it. 
  • The lines are thin, the camera as a whole has that robotic looks.
  • The grip screams 'Hold Me' and looks comfortable.
  • It's weather sealed is!!!!
  • I like the abundace of customizable buttons

  • The viewfinder is 2.36million dot LCD EVF with 0.74x magnification (as read on the specs) It should be sharp, and beautiful...
  • It's 16 MP, which are enough.
  • It is a Micro four third camera (Im not a big fan of small sensors) with a 16 MP sensor.
  • No low pass filter, which promise sharper images, but moire in video.
  • Images that Ive seen so far looks great in day light. It's a relatively small sensor, so the EM1 won't be as good in low light as apsc cameras. But as technology evolves, with their new processor, it should be fairly good for that size of sensors.
  • Touch screen!!! yes! That's the way to go. (Hey SONY, are you listening????). Think about it, even the amazing Full Frame mirrorless A7 and A7R don't have that. What a shame SONY!!! Shout out to olympus for this. At this point, every digital camera should have a touch screen IMO.
  • This baby got WIFI, which is a standard nowadays.
  • It has Focus peaking, GREAT, I have it on my SONY NEX, it's a real pleasure to shoot in manual focus when the camera has that feature.
  • The video only gives you 30 frames per second. 
  • I feel like this is the EM5 on steroids...
  • This is a camera for people who actually know about cameras.
  • It could be a fantastic backup for a pro.
  • If you are an APSC or Full Frame user who shoot stills, and you want to get into the micro four thirds field, with a consistent budget THIS IS THE CAMERA for you.
  • Yhis is one of the best mirrorless cameras.
  • I think it's expensive, but you get what you pay for, it's worth it.
  • $ 1,250 body only, $ 1,980 as a kit with a 12-40 2.8 lens
  • If you shoot videos primarily, forget this camera, there are better options out there (Panasonic GH3 hey hey)
  • The micro four thirds lenses are relatively cheap, so it'll be easy for build your collection.
  • With this money I'd go with the A7 or the D7100
  • My major gripe about it is the sensor size.
  • I love the OMD EM1, but with a tight budget i wouldn't buy it.

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